please excuse the long intermission..........

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first things first;

accept my apologies for not staying up to date, on this here blog. You know when life catches up to you, prioritization becomes inevitable, and when you have to prioritize some things get the back burner treatment. Not like sharing isnt important to me...but anyway.....for the second time, welcome me back.

I will be adding a new feature to the blog; called World Update. World update will be my oppurtunity to share news items that interest me. I hope I dont loose any friends in the process.

Ok down to business.

Being having crazy thoughts lately, and then I got the new Lil Wayne cd,The Carter III (...told you I listen to everything), its actually quite good. As I listened to the tracks, Comfortable stood out to me. In an almost playful way it mirrored the way i have being felling about a particular special somebody in my life, however a tad bit exaggerated. But at the time i couldn't think of any song that summed up my mind-state, better. At the least, having this song on constant rotation is a way of brushing my shoulders off.

The Carter III, is the thrd installment in a series starting with The Carter released in 2004. The Carter is widely acclaimed as the turning point in Wayne's career, as his flow an delivery showed massive improvements from previous albums.


World Update:

This might be too little too late: Nigeria moves to end oil conflict

Am back bitches.....

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And this time its for good. The drastic turn that my life has taken in the past few months would have sent most to the crazy house. Through it all though, I have found that music has been my last resort. I think all this change is for the better, although it is taking some time for the dust to settle.

My quasi vacation, hasn't helped much either, because it seems that mundane things have all of a sudden gotten to become Herculean tasks. I think one needs to go somewhere remote with no access to the distracting technology and all, but then, survival becomes a problem without music.

SA-RA; these guys are sick, mind boggling, boomdiggity, fantaastically good, I mean this is the kind of stuff that simply takes you there. At the start of their not-so-new record; "The Hollywood Recordings" one can almost imagine, an announcer, urging you to strap on those nifty silver plated safety belts, as you get ready to jet off into the cosmic world created by "Sa-Ra Creative Partners. Note the word partners in their name, meaning this is a partnership not a group. Big difference if you ask me.

The record doesn't have one earthly moment as it sustains its cosmic feel for the entire journey through SA-RAstrosphere.

Just a taste: Hey Love

This post is dedicated to my best-test freind Bushra Baby!!

PS:(Mac mini + apple tv (160GB) +cinema display + mac book pro + 200GB external drive= music galore)

Show must go on.....

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I fell like that sentiment is so true. In life there are some things we can control and there are others we cant. Do all you can to control the ones you can, for the ones you cant, well that is why there is a higher power and were mere mortals.

Prioritizing is also very important. On the way to achieving your goals look out for selfishness. I know I am rambling but this record encourages all these thoughts.

All in all; "One monkey don't stop no show."

Couldn't Hear Her


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Greetings to hearing, greetings to seeing........this otherwise nonsense words serve as the opening line to Lee Scratch Perry's Greetings, as a remix Project of the Panic Babylon album. Not much to say here, just enjoy this slice of sonic-pleasure.

If you don't have this album, please got get it.

Since I am in London,

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I am going to hit you with another slice of my dearest brit artist; Amy Winehouse.

The first thing I did as soon as I got on the terminal at Heathrow was look for the nearest HMV, luckily enough they had both Back to Black and Frank on sale. Even though I have Frank, through Itunes(the monster), I bought both, some lucky person may end up with my Frank CD.

As I sit here in this eclectic and relaxing lounge, sipping on a tall glass of Bacardi and Grape Fruit(yuck), I can barley wait to dive into the craziness (in a good way) that is about to be Christmas with my family.

Anyway, wherever you are, I am sure you could use another slice of Amy... this is kinda melancholic though. Anyhow I know one of you have or feels this way, I present to you; Love is a losing game.

Irrespective of subject matter I have a great deal of respect for this lady's writing ability.

Posting may lag for a few day, or maybe a couple of weeks as I will be traveling, if you care, you would check back. I plan to hit yall with some original ish from my travels.


Real Music Vs.

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If you want some straight up real musicianship, no filler, no gimmicks, straight-up artistry, then you need some Count Bass D in your life. is a good place to get information on Count; comprising of a healthy board and a Journal that Count updates regularly, this web page can better bring you abreast of Count discography.

Real Music Vs. Bu11$#!+ is a track from Count Bass D's album Dwight Spitz, a record many consider Count's tipping point. Be it as it may, this track exemplifies the space in which I view Count Bass D's music, that is to say; this Producer/MC makes real music that is a world of difference from the Bull$#!+ we are all force-feed on the daily.

From Pre-Life Crisis to Act Your Waist Size, Count's music is a part of the soundtrack to my life.

Put on your space suits.....

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True to form, "the future is now", are the first words uttered in this song. Many of you might already know SA-RA, many of you might not. For the newbies, SA-RA is a group that at some point were affiliated with Kanye West's Good Music imprint. I say that to point out a mainstream connection since this cats roots run deeper in the alternative- Electronic/Hip Hop world.

The SA-RA sound describes what you might imagine the elevator music on a space shuttle choke full with tourist bound for Mars in the year 2100, would sound like. With spacious soundscapes sprinkled with concise vocals spoken/sung with a peculiar kind vocal manipulation.

Second Time Around is available on Itunes, however the record I am featuring here today is a remix for DJ Mitsu called Negative Ion, of of a compilation called Informal Introduction one of my comrades gracefully gifted me with. If you can lay your hands on this, please do yourself the favor. By the way Dusty Groove has a 12" called New Awakening that features this track and other remixes of DJ Mitsu's work by other personal favorites like Rich Medina.